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Customer Responsibilities to Implement Hosted Email - xApps

Email - MailDefender - ZIX - MailArchive


1. Customer Questionnaire

Submit configuration information to xDefenders by filling out the on-line questionnaire.

Only one questionnaire is necessary for all hosted services.

The IP address of the Mail Server is not necessary as we are providing that device.

Enter the administative address to receive MailDefender notifications.

In addition please inform us of the following:

  • Number of Users

  • Your IP range (the IP range from which you will be accessing the xwa)

2. Technical Support

DNS records changes will need to be modified during this process.

Please notify appropriate service providers that changes will be required for tasks not handled by in-house personnel. This includes MX record changes, and A record additions.

3. Prepare and send xDefenders a list of valid recipients

Please send a text file or document, one address per line, with email address followed by display name.

Include all aliases, and distribution lists

4. Prepare and send xDefenders an email black and white list if available

Please send a text file or document, one address per line, identified by line or heading if the address

is a white (accepted) or black (rejected). Black listed senders would be senders whose email you would

NEVER wish to receive. Whitelisted emails are typically senders who have been incorrectly classified as


5. Identify and send xDefenders the IP range that your email administrator will be coming from, when accessing the administrator functions.