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Customer Responsibilities to Implement Hosted MailDefender


1. Customer Questionnaire

Submit configuration information to xDefenders by filling out the online questionnaire.

Enter the administative address to receive MailDefender notifications.

2. Technical Support

DNS changes and mail server configurations will need to be modified during this process.

Please contact appropriate service providers to perform tasks not handled by in-house personnel.

3. Email Transmission

Set your firewall to allow SMTP from the hosted MailDefender

Allow SMTP connects to and from and through .94 on port 25

4. Prepare and send xDefenders a list of valid recipients

Please send a text file or document, one address per line. Include all aliases, and distribution lists

5. Prepare and send xDefenders an email black and white list if available

Please send a text file or document, one address per line, identified by line or heading if the address

is a white (accepted) or black (rejected).

* * * Contact xDefenders and confirm configuration is in place before performing the next steps * * *

6. If using spf records, make appropriate changes.

7. MX record changes

Change your MX records to point to :

8. If sending outbound email through the MailDefender, smarthost your mail server to:

9. When email delivery is confirmed, change the firewall to ONLY allow SMTP traffic from: and through .94 on port 25