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Customer Responsibilities to Implement Hosted Mail Archiving


1. Customer Questionnaire

Submit configuration information to xDefenders by filling out the online questionnaire.

Also, please indicate the approximate number of email accounts

2. Determine archiving method: “push” / journaling or “pull”/ IMAP pull


For ExChange and Lotus Notes

Set up envelope journaling to a local account and provide that information to the Mail Archive appliance for IMAP pull. 

  1. Set up a local account on the server

  2. Set up envelope journaling to that account

  3. Verify IMAPS server is running

  4. Create and provide xDefenders with the journal account name and password

For Other Mail Servers

Activate and configure that journaling. The journaling must be configured to send archived messages to “your_domain@ma.<your_domain_name>”. You will need to either create an internal DNS record for “ma.<your_domain_name>” or add an entry for the archive appliance into the “hosts” file on your internal mail server.


Provide IMAP User name and IMAP Password