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ShareDefender Portal

Very large, secure documents like Loan Applications, Patient Records and
Complicated Contracts cannot be securely emailed over the Internet due to
size restrictions (typically 6.5 to 10 MB). Yet, many businesses need a secure way
to make these large documents available to customers, quickly. FedEx offers
a delivery service but it is costly and only provides Next Business Day delivery,
and that is too slow.

Hosted Security Service
xDefenders has developed a hosted service called ShareDefender
to provide businesses with a method to distribute large, secure documents with
their customers, over the Internet. Its inexpensive, easy to use and fast.
ShareDefenders provides a secure storage area (web site) that allows both
parties (employees and guests) to “push and pull” documents “to and from”
the site, under security controls.

These documents can be up to 800 MB in size and they can have a specified
“life-span” of a day or a couple of weeks, before they are automatically purged
from the site. The “Domain Administrator” specifies a maximum life-span, up
to 1 month. The employee user selects one of the pre-defined time periods
(day(s), week(s), month) for that document to live. Security credentials are
issued by the ShareDefender employee user to the guest, so that tight controls
and limited access are achievable.

ShareDefender is offered as a Hosted Service from xDefenders, from the
secure data center in Rochester NY. xDefenders provides the managed services,
monitoring and maintenance to support the application and its successful use.

Secure File Transfer (SFTP)

The ShareDefender is a secure web server with large storage capacity to
support multiple users and multiple documents at the same time. The access
method is via HTTPS and document size is limited to 800 MB. Internally,
individual documents are separated and access to them is both controlled,
secured and logged. There is an easy to use Web GUI (see below) to assist
the users of ShareDefender. Data is stored encrypted.

There is an established hierarchy for security clearance, control and functionality.

  • System Administrator (SA) – If subscribing to Hosted ShareDefender Service, the
    SA function will be provided by xDefenders. If the ShareDefender is deployed on-site
    or in a co-lo facility, the customer will provide SA functions. Typically, the I/T
    department or the Chief Security Officer (CSO) will handle the SA function.
    The SA has “super-user” rights and capabilities to manage the users.
  • Domain Administrator(s) – The SA will create one or more Domain
    Administrators, who are allowed to issue credentials to users of their choice.
    Domain Administrators can set policy (document retention life) and add/ delete users
     (internal and external).
  • Employees and Guests – Users are typically employees that are allowed to
    use the ShareDefender. In Banking, this might be the Loan Department
    employees. They can sign into the ShareDefender and upload documents for
    their customers to download. Guests are typically customers, who will
    download these large, secure documents onto their computer. Administrators
    may also create accounts for external users who can upload, but only send
    notifications to predefined aliases( like Loan Dept. or Client Services, etc.).
    Guests can only download.

    A secure email (by Zix) is generated by the ShareDefender, automatically
    notifying a guest that a secure document awaits them and includes the
    credentials to give them secure access.

    Daily Log Reports

    1. Statistics per filename with these infos:
     - Upload time
     - Start date (of availability)
     - End date (of availability, flag anything expiring in three days or less)
     - List of downloads (email address, date)

    2. Domain Administrator

    Domain overview:
     - Used disk space for this domain
     - Number of users (uploaders, droppers) for this domain
     - Number of uploads yesterday for this domain
     - Number of downloads yesterday for this domain

    Statistics per filename with these infos:
     - Upload time
     - Start date (of availability)
     - End date (of availability, flag anything expiring in three days or less)
     - List of downloads (email address, date)
     - File size (in KiloBytes)
     - Client IP of uploader/dropper
     - Username of uploader/dropper

    3. Box Administrator

    For each domain:
     - Domain administrator info
     - Used disk space for the domain
     - Number of users (uploaders, droppers) for the domain
     - Number of uploads yesterday for the domain
     - Number of downloads yesterday for the domain

    "Droppers" and "Downloaders" do not get any reports.