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Data Loss Prevention and Industry Compliance

xDefenders provides the latest in security technology to help prevent data breaches, identity theft, and fraud while helping you more easily pass your next GLBA, PCI or HIPAA compliance audit, by securing your sensitive data from being lost or stolen.

SecureCARE, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool, protects financial institutions (and other organizations) from having their names in the headlines for data breaches which have become more and more commonplace. The databases of financial services companies hold a vast amount of sensitive information about their past and present customers. These institutions realize that the loss of customer data can be very costly ($10 million and growing in one recent high-profile case) and also tarnish their brand image and result in regulatory fines, lawsuits, customer defection, and lost opportunities.

According to the latest Financial Security Survey, 70 percent of data breaches were caused internally. The majority of these were accidental, and some were malicious.

The question looms: How can financial organizations and others feel truly secure from the danger of data information breaches, identity theft, and fraud? 

SecureCARE is the answer that many financial institutions are utilizing in securing their sensitive data and meeting the ever changing government compliance regulations:
  • Help prevent identity theft, fraud, and data breaches
  • Comply with all gov't regulations such as PCI and GLBA
  • Automatically encrypt e-mail
  • Secure endpoints and documents according to policy
  • Restrict and monitor access to confidential financial info
  • Monitor user actions and retain forensic evidence
  • Inspect content across multiple channels including social networks and webmail
The SecureCARE agent is easy to install and scalable, with no degradation to end user PC performance, contains a user-friendly dashboard for customizing policy enforcements, and contains 40+ built-in reports, such as:
  • User alert violations, such as sensitive content, endpoint incidents, and unauthorized application access, etc.
  • Websites most visited
  • User actions and time sheets
SecureCARE monitors your entire institution without disrupting business continuity. Our security analysts are specially trained in assessing your existing security processes and vulnerabilities, and provide policy enforcement recommendations. We have available critical reports to show your auditors how you are now securing your data and monitoring risky behavior in passing your next IT data audit.

Mitigate the risk and protect your business environment today.