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Managed Network Security - Defense-in-Depth

DefenderWall (UTM) appliances, SonicWall IPS and Cisco ASA/IPS can help form your multi-layered, robust, Information Security Architecture. We'll help you decide on the best security solutions for your business and we'll manage them for you.  These scalable appliances offer you a complete suite of Internet Security Applications, providing essential “defense-in-depth”. xDefenders includes our valuable Managed, Monitoring and Maintenance services to best protect your security investments and information assets.


AppDefender - Web Application Firewall

Protects critical Web applications with this reverse proxy, HTTP/S firewall with IPS. This appliance provides SSL off-loading, blocks SQL-injections, malware attacks, load balancing and data leak prevention. See for a list of web application attacks that are detected and prevented.

MailDefender Spam Firewall

Appliance or hosted service will eliminate SPAM and Viruses from your email environment at the gateway level. Incorporates Grey-Listing, LDAP integration, Real-Time Black-hole Lists, Scoring Spam Filter Levels, and Virus updates from 3 different sources. User Quarantines and Threshold settings. Detailed Reporting and forensic research capability.


MonMan - Managed Network Security

Adding value to Cisco ASA, Fortigate, Security Routers, and other network devices. Connects to the serial port of the Firewall and to the external network. Up-time monitoring and syslog event data is collected at our SOC. Alerts are monitored 24x7. Formal Compliance Reports and Logs are emailed to you regularly.


NetDefender IDS

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) includes the industry leader—Snort (signature database), BASE (reporting) and Bacon (correlation and escalation engine). The built-in Honey-Pot will immediately detect malware on your network and alert. ARP Monitoring will correlate MAC and IP addresses to detect “man-in-middle” attacks, with automatic reporting.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our Enterprise Syslog Manager (ESM) collects syslog data from critical systems and network devices into a central database. Graphical Web Interface makes it easy to search the database for answers. Historical, forensic data is stored. “Learn- mode” sets thresholds unique to your environment. Daily Over-Threshold Report focuses your attention on major issues. A correlation engine (Bacon) provides real-time alerts with escalation. Compliance (Access) Reports automatically produced for management.  To facilitate Microsoft Server Events, we use a free tool called: Snare Agent.


ShareDefender Portal

A web version of SFTP (secure file transfer) provides a secure web site with SSL access, so that employees and their approved clients can share very large documents.  There is  typically an email file size limit of 6.5 MB encrypted, so the ShareDefender provides a way to support up to 800 MB sized documents.  Credentials must be issued and controlled to use this managed appliance or hosted service.



Enforces your Internet Acceptable-Use-Policy. This Web Content Filtering solution restricts access to undesirable web sites. Provides web caching, LDAP integration, group support, plus user and site detailed reporting. Based on the popular Sonicwall or SmoothWall application or the powerful, Cymphonix Net Composer appliance. Composer is an in-line firewall with bandwidth shaping


xDefenders - Managed Security Partner

xDefenders works as a member of your I/T team, providing pro-active system and security administration. As your trusted security partner, we provide management and monitoring of key security infrastructure and service components. xDefenders manages and monitors Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and SIEM Log Servers to deliver a centralized, integrated security solution. xDefenders provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Escalation Plan to insure the safety and availability of your information assets.


Managed Security Services, include:

  • System Administration, Security Administration
  • Real-time Monitoring for Availability Rule Sets Optimization and Testing
  • Back-Up Management CISSP Advice and Guidance
  • Next Business Day Replacements Technical Phone and email Support
  • Management Reporting Escalation Plans


Security Operations Center (SOC)


Located in Rochester, NY, our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center is SAS 70 II certified and a secure Enterprise-Class data center. The center has redundant power, ISP connections, and management consoles are staffed 24x7. Our security analysts use correlation engines to identify faults, attacks, and escalate immediately, according to client plan.


Standard Services include remote monitoring, operating system updates, application software support and subscription, timely database updates, administrative support, and next day hardware replacement, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.


24x7 Services offer management and monitoring services with escalation, rapid response and administrative support, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our SOC staff monitor for attacks and escalate response according to client policy and procedures.