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Information Security for Commercial Companies

Are you a vendor to a large financial institution or health-care concern? 
If so, then you understand the security scrutiny and compliance mandates that they will put you through!  Its the same regulatory scrutiny that they have to comply with.

Are you interested in keeping your I/T infrastructure up and running.  
Of course you are, who isn't.  This means that good security protections are essential to keeping your business systems up and running.

It makes good business sense to protect the security of your information systems and the privacy of your clients data. It is serious business and it takes a well-planned approach to Information Security to get the job done.

Network Intrusion Prevention is an affordable, modern way to block Spam, Viruses, Worms, Porn, Spyware and Portscans at the WAN level. xDefenders recommends the Cisco ASA or SonicWall for WAN IPS and the MailDefender for Spam/Virus filtering at the firewall level.

xDefenders provides the DefenderWall family of security appliances are great values. In addition, the DefenderWall and Cisco/ Sonicwall Firewall and IPS appliances include Managed Services by xDefenders, so your staff's time will be minimally affected. We administer security for you, so that you can focus on Security Management and Policies and Major Incident Response.

xDefenders is an Information Security firm that offers the Professional and Managed Security Services you need to satisfy ISO Regulations and maintain "best practices".
  1. Our Vulnerability Management Methodology includes "Security Testing, Patching, Monitoring. and Repeating". These tests are External, revealing what an Internet Hacker would see and "Internal", revealing what a disgruntled employee could do. By the way, 80% of security violations occur from the inside.  Testing of modems, wireless, web banking, employees should also be conducted.
  2. Enterprise SysLog Management (ESM) with Compliance Reporting is important to the I/T Operations Staff but also valuable for the Compliance Officer.  With the ESM, critical host security events, changes and accesses can be easily captured, escalated and reported, to keep services running smooth and compliant.  ESM is a great forensics tool.
  3. Today, encrypting email on the Internet is essential and xDefenders can provide Industry Leading technology and managed services from ZixCorp.  Content Inspection, automatic encryption and a Branded 2-Way Portal can bring great service value and security to the Institution and its customers. 
  4. Most companies have a firewall with IPS, but they have no idea what Internet traffic is escaping their firewall! Our  Intrusion Prevention System can identify and block malicious traffic, port-scans and same day virus that get onto your LAN, so you take immediate action against wide-spread compromise and the resulting down-time to the business.  IDS/IPS is a great forensics tool.
  5. Professional Certified Experts.  Do you need an I/T Security Audit?  We have a Certified Information Security Auditor to help you.  Who is managing and monitoring your Internet security?  Are they a Certified Information Security System Professional (CISSP)?   Are they on the job for you "around-the-clock"?  xDefenders Professionals and Security Operations Center is available 24x7x365 to monitor and manage your information security. 

Comprehensive Information Security Plan

Security Policies and Awareness Program

xDefenders can help you get jump-started or customize existing legal and human resource documents. The benefits will be improved information security and reduced corporate liability. We can help publicize the program via a web-portal and employee communications.

I/T Security Audits

xDefenders can be retained to formally compare your Policies with actual Procedures. This will help Management understand the gaps and help the Technical staff improve procedures.

Vulnerability Assessments

xDefenders can identify the following Vulnerabilities; Open Ports, Down-level Operating Systems and Applications, Social Issues, Wireless Access. Our approach is to use the best tools, gather data, produce a report and review the results in a consultative meeting.

Internet Filtering and Bandwidth Management

xDefenders can help you control the Internet content and the way in which you allocate Internet Services to your organization. This includes Spam, Virus and Content controls, based on your Policies.

Intrusion Detection

xDefenders can help you understand the traffic that is escaping your Firewall and getting onto your LAN. This information will help you better manage your firewall, patch your servers, prevent future attacks and control unwanted traffic.

Intrusion Prevention

With Application Firewall Rules and Symantec Endpoint Protection, Host Intrusion Prevention can be attained. Port-scans and certain content can be detected and terminated by the firewall. Malicious traffic can be recognized at the host level and prohibited from access and doing damage.

Managed and Hosted Services

xDefenders provides complete 24x7x365 Management and Monitoring services, through our Security Operations Center (SOC) so that you can feel safe that security professionals are working on your behalf to secure your business.